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Gastroenterology Prescriptions
Gastroenterology Consultants

Prescription Policy


  • Prescriptions are to be taken as directed.  In other words, do not change the frequency or dose unless otherwise directed by your physician.  If a change is recommended by this office, it will be noted in your medical record.
  • If your prescription bottle indicates that you have refills remaining, contact your pharmacy directly.  If there are no refills left you will need to contact our office.  Please note that there are times your doctor will require you to come in to the office for an evaluation prior to refilling your prescription, if it is felt this will be in your best interest, so please contact our office well before you run out of your medication.
  • Refill requests WILL NOT be authorized at night, on weekends, or holidays.  Be sure to plan ahead to make sure you have enough refills.
  • Before your scheduled visit with us, please check your supply of medication.  If you need a refill, please ask while at the office.
  • When you call our office to request a refill please allow up to 48 hours for that request to be processed. To ensure your prescription is filled for the weekend, please contact our office by Thursday morning.
  • Narcotics – There are only rare instances where our physicians will write prescriptions for narcotics.
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